Ordering Process

Go to www.showtech.ca, click on the Order tab and choose "Online Ordering"; this will bring you to e.showtechordering.com.
Click the “LOGIN” button at the top of the screen and sign in using your Username & Password.
If you have not created an account as of yet, please do so now. The Create An Account tab is to the right of the Log-In pop up.
Once you have logged in, you may search for your show and click on it; if you do not see your show online, please contact 905-283-0601 for assistance.
Once you are on the page for the show you have selected, you may choose from any of the Services provided (i.e. Electrical Services, Rental Lighting, etc.).
Once you are on the list of products available, you want to click on the description of whatever product you require (i.e. 1500 watt, 120 volt duplex outlet).
You will be directed to the Add to Order page where you will input the quantity, any special instructions and then click the “Add To Order” button.
A pop up screen will appear asking for some additional information including your booth number; if you do not know your booth number, check off the “Not Sure” box and continue with your order.
Another pop up, “Item Added to Shopping Cart”, will appear letting you know your total in cart and will give you the option to Keep Shopping or View Cart.
In Shopping Cart, you need to complete the information in all 3 tabs: Active Order, Company, Showsite Contact & Payment. You will not be able to proceed with checkout until all tabs are filled out accordingly.
Once you have all of the fields filled out, you may proceed with checkout.
You will receive a confirmation email once the order has gone through. If you do not receive one call 905-283-0601 to inquire.